A Teacher Librarian at heart

Graham Bebington, has been a primary school teacher for over 22 years. In 2008, he began his journey into Teacher Librarianship and began studying a Masters of Education through Charles Sturt University to gain his Teacher Librarian qualification. In 2012, he began working in his current role in the library at Xavier Catholic College in Hervey Bay. He is passionate about libraries and the importance of books in our lives. He ensures that his library is a place that is FUN, INVITING and filled with the AMAZING books, including Fred Do-it’s Wacky Plan Really Fails.


Graham has always wanted to write children’s books, especially fun books that make children laugh. And what would a book be without a good old fashioned ... “bum”? All good stories need a “bum” ... right? Hmmm ... you’ll need to read his book to make up your own mind.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. They are REALLY important. Pictures tell their own story. Graham decided to use his hobby and put his drawing skills to good use. So YES, Graham does have a hidden secret skill that he is now sharing with the world. It’s true, his book contains over 250 digitally created, hand drawn illustrations that MUST be seen to be believed.

His first book has been in the pipeline for many years and it is awesome. If you are reading this now, then Fred Do-it’s Wacky Plan Really Fails has been written for YOU.

One of Graham’s favourite children’s authors is Peter Carnavas. Peter is an amazing author and Illustrator. He writes from his heart. Graham also loves Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. They have both had a huge impact on reading. The real truth is  ...  their books have changed the way children interact with books and words. Reading is now COOL. Of course, Roald Dahl is incredible and David Walliams is the new  ...  SUPER AUTHOR, who is making a big difference in the world of books. 

Gotta LOVE reading!

Graham Bebington 
Author presentation titled, "Hopes, Dreams and Stinky Fears"
Graham Bebington Author presentation titled, "Hopes, Dreams and Stinky Fears"

About Me and a little bit from Fred


My Work

Graham Bebington is a teacher librarian in the beautiful city of Hervey Bay, Queensland. He is inspired by the children he teaches and the massive POWER that books have. Graham LOVES to see children SMILING when they finally find that 'special' book. His book was written to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE every child who is LEARNING to LOVE reading.


My Illustrations

We all love pictures, right? Kids are always grabbing books that make reading fun, right? I wanted to create a book that did exactly that ... MAKES READING FUN. And why? Bacause READING should be fun. Kids MUST laugh when the read. Hey ... drawing is the COOLEST thing and it is ENTERTAINING. You should try!!!


My Journey

FRED DO-IT is a ittle bit like me. He has HOPES and DREAMS to achieve some great things in his book. Fred wants to make a difference. My writing journey and my PLAN to create many children's books is a little like Fred's journey. I hope you enjoy the ride. 

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School Author Talks

St Helens School Maryborough


Yesterday students in years two to five were treated to a presentation from author/illustrator Graham Bebington. Students enjoyed listening to how as a child he overcame his struggles with reading and writing to following his dream of writing a book. His talk was very enjoyable and students were thoroughly entertained.

Excited Readers @ St Helens




A book launch


And suddenly ... a book is launched!!!

Launching & Talking


Public speaking - so cool!!!


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